5 Night 6 days

Merlion Fountain in Singapore

INR 29000 / USD 410

[vc_row 0=""][vc_column][vc_column_text 0=""]Merlion Park is a famous Singapore landmark and a major tourist attraction, located near One Fullerton, Singapore, near...

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Alappuzha City Kerala
5 days

Alappuzha City Kerala

INR 17000 / USD 239

Alappuzha (or Alleppey) is a city on the Laccadive Sea in the southern Indian state of Kerala. It's best known...

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Pilgrimage tour in india
5 Nights 6 days

Pilgrimage Tour

INR 18000 / USD 251

A pilgrimage is a journey to a sacred place. People make pilgrimages to places like Jerusalem, Bethlehem, and Dharamsala as part of their religious or spiritual...

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how to reach ladakh
5 Night 6 days

Leh- ladhak

INR 30000/ USD 418

Leh, a high-desert city in the Himalayas, is the capital of the Leh region in northern India’s Jammu and Kashmir...

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INR 135000 / USD 1900

Jammu and Kashmir was a region formerly administered by India as a state from 1954 to 2019, constituting the southern...

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Himanchal_Pradesh Tour

Himanchal Pradesh

INR 1,35000 / USD 18000

Himachal Pradesh is a northern Indian state in the Himalayas. It's home to scenic mountain towns and resorts such as...

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